Students’ religious liberty gets a boost in KS

Source – OneNewsNow

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback recently signed an important bill that protects the rights of student religious organizations on campus.

Liberal all-comers policies forbid Christian campus organizations from preventing students who don’t share their beliefs from joining and taking leadership positions. Steve Brunk of theFamily Policy Alliance of Kansas is a former legislator who helped develop Senate Bill 175 that will put a stop to that.

“Very, very liberal administrators are misusing these all-comers nondiscrimination policies in order to actually do the reverse, and that is to discriminate against Christian organizations,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Brunk says the Senate passed the bill last year and sent it to the House, where it languished until this year.

“Then we began applying pressure to the House leadership through various channels,” he explains, “and the bill came up for a full House vote. We were successful in getting that passed 81 to 41.”

Micah Kubic of the ACLU of Kansas has told The Associated Press that he is “very seriously” considering challenging the new law in court.

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