New Reality: Future Space Weapons Will Be Able to Destroy Enemy Satellites

Sputnik News

Anti-satellite weaponry is possible, something which should be reckoned with when planning possible military operations, defense expert Vasily Kashin told Sputnik China.

In an interview with Sputnik China, military expert Vasily Kashin described an anti-satellite weapon as a new reality which one should consider when planning a possible military operation.

The interview came after US Air Force Maj. Gen. Nina Armagno claimed that Russia and China would allegedly be able to threaten any American satellites in any orbit by 2025, which is why she believed it was necessary for Washington to be able to use force to uphold its related interests.

She made the remarks during a ceremony in which the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Space Surveillance Telescope was handed over to the US Air Force Space Command.

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