Disney installs metal detectors, bag searches and pat downs at hotels and park entrances

Mass Private I

Imagine going through a metal detector before you check into your hotel room, imagine being patted down and searched before you get inside your hotel. Imagine Disney using facial biometrics to spy on everyone in your family.

Well imagine no more, it’s already happening.

According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, Disney World has made going to your hotel and amusement park a virtual trip to a TSA checkpoint. Disney World has installed metal detectors and bag searches at all of their hotel entrances and park entrances.
“As part of an ongoing effort to enhance the arrival experience for guests at the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park, we have relocated some of our bag checks and metal detectors to the Transportation and Ticket Center and the monorail stations at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort“ said Disney spokeswoman Rebecca Peddle.

Disney headline you won’t see: ‘ Fun For The Whole Family, Disney’s New TSA Style Theme Parks’.

Instead of giving people ‘air miles’, maybe airlines could offer people a discount for visiting Disney’s TSA theme parks?

Guests being searched by Mickey Mouse Disney security
image source: TBO

And if that wasn’t enough, guests over 14 years old are outlawed from wearing costumes.

Is this a nightmare? What happened to Disney World?

DHS/TSA must be doing cartwheels, as a subservient American public submits to being frisked and searched at hotels and amusement parks.

Super Bowl winners brag about going to TSA World

Walt Disney, didn’t creat his parks so Super Bowl winners could brag about going to TSA World, sorry I meant Disney World.

How much would you like to bet, that Tom Brady, and countless other NFL players and their families aren’t searched before entering Disney World?

It was only four years ago, when we found out that Disney and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) were working together to spy on everyone.

Decades ago, families used to watch Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on Sunday nights but now all I can think about, is how DHS and the DoD have destroyed everything that was good about Disney.

Disney’s ‘facial recognition’ rides will spy on everyone’s expressions and emotions

If the public accepts metal detectors at Disney’s hotel entrances and TSA style searches, how long before it spreads across the country? Two years ago, I warned everyone that movie theaters were conducting TSA style bag searches and want to install metal detectors at their entrances.

In 2015, blogger ‘Anonymouse’ warned everyone that Disney parks will soon look exactly like airports…

“From what I have heard over the next year Disney is going to implementing new security measures to all of their theme parks entrances. Early reports state that we will be seeing airport style security scanners, hand-held wand scanners, and more uniformed Police presences with K-9 units.”

Is the corporate world following in Disney’s footsteps?

This past February, I warned everyone that retailers and businesses were installing facial recognition cameras at their entrances.

Is this what the public wants, metal detectors in hotels, amusement parks and movie theaters and facial recognition cameras in stores?  Are all Americans potential terrorists or criminals in Big Brothers’ eyes?

If we don’t do something to stop this, it’ll spread across the country in less than a decade.


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