American Horror Story: Schools, banks and corporations decide who’s a terrorist

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Imagine speaking out against the government and being labeled a terrorist. Imagine speaking out against police abuse and being labeled a terrorist. Imagine speaking out against corporate monopolies and being labeled a terrorist.

You can stop imagining, it’s already happening.

According to a recent article in the VV Daily Press, law enforcement, first responders, banks and schools are labeling people terrorists.

“San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Detective Heather Forsythe, with the department’s Criminal Intelligence Division, said Tuesday that public safety agencies and private sector personnel, such as in education and banking, meet monthly to network, “compare notes” and essentially engage in ever-important information sharing.”

The Banking Secrecy Act otherwise known as ‘Suspicious Activity Reporting‘ allows law enforcement and banks to secretly spy on customers. (To learn how banks are spying on our everyday transactions click here.)

The Terrorism Early Warning Group, (TEWG) is made up of 19,000 sheriffs and law enforcement agencies and thousands of private sector personnel, like those in education and banking.

Corrupt Sheriff Leroy Baca referred to the TEWG as “Public Trust Spying Policing.” Fyi, Baca was recently sentenced for accepting a bribe and trying to thwart an FBI investigation.

A 2010 TEWG report explains, how private corporations work with law enforcement to decide who’s a terrorist.
How is this allowed to happen?

How can we allow doctors, schools, banks, private corporations, firefighters, government agencies and law enforcement to decide who should be labeled an American terrorist?

image credit: Newsfocus
The mass media’s war on alternative news, is a disturbing example of how corporations are attacking free speech.

How long before they label blogs and independent news sources as American terrorists?

Citizens encouraged to spy on neighbor’s and report “petty” things

Two years ago, I warned everyone that DHS run Fusion Centers were profiling Americans social, political and religious views.

But things are about to get a lot worse…

Law enforcement is encouraging private citizens to call them about “petty” things their neighbors are doing!

And if that wasn’t enough, law enforcement agencies are also encouraging businesses and citizens to spy on their neighbors using

Allowing corporations, bankers, schools etc., to decide who’s a terrorist is fraught with many dangers.

The ‘War on Terror’ has truly become an American Horror Story.


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