Clemson University Requires All Freshman to Take New Social Justice Course

Ian Miles Cheong
Heat Street

Clemson University is ramping up efforts to push a social justice agenda on campus. Following a new “diversity education” program for faculty members, the university has now announced plans to create a similar mandatory course for freshmen.

Chief Diversity Officer Lee Gill detailed the effort in a campus-wide email Monday (attained by Campus Reform). “Our student body and faculty continues to become more diverse and the university has taken steps to transparently share its complex history, increased financial resources and improved facilities have been made available to better serve our under-represented student communities,” he wrote. “The university is also providing additional staff training and of course instruction for students regarding diversity and inclusion.”

He provided a link to the school’s Diversity and Inclusion website for students to read.

A member of the school’s faculty said Gill was planning to create a student module like the one created for school staff. As Heat Street previously highlighted, the module provided to staff included guidelines suggesting that it was possibly “racist” to tell someone they’re late for not showing up on time for a meeting. The module said that different cultures may perceive time differently and that it is important to be mindful of that.

The new mandatory CU 1000 course is described as a “zero-credit, pass/no pass course that all new Clemson students are required to complete during their first semester of enrollment.” It begins in the fall.

Speaking for the Clemson Young Americans for Liberty, Alexander Cullen called the new course a form of indoctrination. “College marks a time for an exploration of one’s values,” Cullen said.  “If Clemson claims to be an institution of higher learning, it should not be indoctrinating students.”

Clemson was previously in the media for the removal of “Pepe the Frog” posters from students’ doors, and leftist student-organized calls for political violence against Trump supporters.


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