Billionaires Set to Descend Upon Beverly Hills to Assess the Trump Presidency


Back in the early 90’s, Michael Milken was in prison for securities fraud. Now he’s on top of the world again — hosting, for the 20th year, a very high brow conference for the elite. This week, the Milken Institute Global Conference will host 4,000 of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world. Amongst Trump’s representatives include Treasury Sec Mnuchin, Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross, Education Sec Betsy Devos and Sec of Transportation Elaine Chao.

Mnuchin will kick off the week discussing Trump’s tax plan.

Mr. Milken, renowned philanthropist and felon, will interview former President Bush (the idiot) and VP Joe Biden (another idiot). It should make for a rather illuminating and decadent affair.


The Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris and former SEC commissioner Paul Atkins will discuss “The First 100 days and the Next 1,000”, offering an assessment of the President’s accomplishments and plans for the future. As fas as we know, there will not be any Luciferian sacrifices at the event.

The cost is hardly prohibitive for these men and women of substance, with tickets costing about $50k, which includes a sundry of niceties: yoga classes, receptions with Hollywood celebs, expert analysis etc. The event promises to provide a calm normality to these very important people — removing the distraction of having to deal with the vulgarities of the plebeian class.

Here is the list of guest speakers for those of you interested.


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