Church run police department has a pattern of abuse going back decades

Mass Private I

According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) a church run police department has a pattern of abuse going back decades.

The Colorado City Marshals Office engaged in a long-standing pattern of abuses that included false arrests, unreasonable seizures of property, discriminatory policing on the basis of religion, and violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.
The towns of Colorado City and Hildale along the border of Arizona and Utah are populated primarily by members of a faction of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) who remain loyal to their imprisoned prophet, Warren Jeffs.

Judge Holland also said that Marshals “officers turned a blind eye to criminal activity involving FLDS Church leaders or members,”including supporting a fugitive and ignoring underage marriages,unauthorized distribution of prescription drugs, and food-stamp fraud.

DOJ allowed the church to run the police department

What should really shock everyone, is that the DOJ knew about this at least 5 years ago and did nothing to stop it.

In 2012, the DOJ sued the FLDS “alleging a pattern or practice of police misconduct and violations of federal civil rights laws.”

 Alabama approves church run police departments
Fast forward to February 2017, the State of Alabama will soon allow the Briarwood Presbyterian Church to have it’s own police force.
Earlier this year, I warned everyone about the dangers of allowing religions to have their own police force. In my article‘Church police could arrest sexually abuse kids’ I asked the question, if a child accused a church leader of abuse would their police force arrest them to keep it quiet?
I raised numerous questions that everyone should be asking, but one of the most important questions I didn’t ask, was what happened to the separation of the church and state?

An article in Vice warns, “A private institution having its own police force is potentially dangerous and leads to important questions like: What happens if and when a church police officer breaks the law? And who is allowed to police private law enforcement?”

Where does the madness end?

America has enough police and allowing religions to have the own police force is the epitome of a POLICE STATE!


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