Seventh-day Adventists versus Federal Law Title IX. Will SDAs Bow or Stand?

Hilary Enriques – Saved to Serve International The controversy surrounding the transgender community and the demands for their rights and equality is not only a hot-button issue in the world, but it is also confronting the churches as well, excepting none. Like other Christian denominations, Seventh-day Adventist institutions are caught in the middle of trying to navigate through their biblical understanding and doctrines while addressing … Continue reading Seventh-day Adventists versus Federal Law Title IX. Will SDAs Bow or Stand?

Adventists Help Drive UN Discussion About Religious Extremism

A symposium discusses violence carried out under the banner of faith.

Source – Adventist Review

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is co-leading a discussion about religious extremism at the United Nations, with a church representative telling a major symposium that violent extremism is not fueled by religion itself but a corrupted understanding of religion.

Ganoune Diop, director of public affairs and religious liberty for the Adventist world church, made his remarks during a keynote speech to 130 representatives from various UN agencies, along with religious and non-governmental organizations, at the second annual symposium on the role of religion and faith-based groups in international affairs. The event was co-sponsored by the Adventist Church. Continue reading “Adventists Help Drive UN Discussion About Religious Extremism”

Pope Francis, Sunday, and Seventh-day Adventists

For over 100 years, Seventh-day Adventists have anticipated Sunday legislation in fulfillment of end-time prophecy. In 1888, a Sunday law movement arose in America, but it died. The time was not yet. Today, many among us doubt whether such a prediction will ever occur. Haven’t times changed? Yes, they have, but God’s “sure word of prophecy” (King James Version, 2 Peter 1:19) hasn’t. We must open our eyes, for a Sunday law movement has again resurfaced—led by Pope Francis—and daily grows in strength.  Continue reading “Pope Francis, Sunday, and Seventh-day Adventists”

Ben Carson: I’m open to considering one’s religion as probable cause for a search of email, phone records

Ben Carson may want to stick to just providing his medical opinions.

The retired neurosurgeon and surging 2016 Republican candidate offered another controversial stance about Islam in America on Sunday, saying that he’s open to considering religion as probable cause for searches.

When asked on ABC’sThis Week” if he would listen to arguments from people advocating that one’s religion could provide probable cause to search the emails and calls of Syrian refugees being let into the U.S., Carson answered in the affirmative. Continue reading “Ben Carson: I’m open to considering one’s religion as probable cause for a search of email, phone records”

A Proposed Letter of Apology to Pope Francis from the GC President

The comments feature has been turned off because a large number of comments have been made and some commenters have descended to personal name-calling and a completely disrespectful approach. Evidently many readers missed the fact that the headline begins with “Proposed” and there is a tongue-in-check element to this column expressing an opinion. — The Publisher

by Ervin Taylor, September 13, 2015:    Readers of the Adventist Today web site and anyone living in Philadelphia who listens to or reads local media in or around that city may be aware of the recent mass mailing of a book, The Great Controversy, to 700,000 individuals living in that city or surrounding area. The mailing was intended to be coincident with a visit to Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love,” by the current Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

As readers of Adventist Today will know, The Great Controversy is a 19th-century work based on an extensive editing of materials originally produced by and under the name of a co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, Ellen Gould Harmon-White (1837-1915). Like a wide cross section of many other evangelical and later fundamentalist Protestant authors belonging to a wide range of conservative Protestant churches in 19th- and early 20th-century America, White was very critical of the theology and history of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe. Obviously, the heritage she reflected went back centuries, based on the long-standing, intense hostility that existed between Protestants and Catholics beginning at the time of the Reformation and continuing down into the late 19th century in many countries in Europe before being transplanted across the Atlantic to the United States. Continue reading “A Proposed Letter of Apology to Pope Francis from the GC President”